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Nutritional and Herbal
Herbal therapy

In addition to providing you with acupuncture therapy, you can also receive a full nutritional and herbal consultation. When you visit Acupuncture For Wellness, you'll receive guidance from highly-trained professionals with many years of education and experience.

Benefits of herbal therapy

Complete guidance

 • Reduces stress

 • Treats causes and symptoms of diseases

 • Maintains health

 • Boosts energy

You'll be working with Casey Castona during your treatment, who has a Master of Science in oriental medicine, as well as a Bachelor of Science in nutrition.


If you're a new patient, you can receive nutritional and herbal services at no additional cost. Our family owned and operated business is happy to help you on your path of healing.

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Official Nutritional and Herbal Treatments

We bring 20 years of experience to your nutritional and herbal treatment.

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